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We’re sure you’re familiar with standard laser hair removal devices and technology. If taking an age to treat one leg and waiting endlessly for pulse flashes sounds about right, now’s your time to give your technology a serious upgrade…


Enter Primelase and Elysion, who have a huge 4800 and 2000 watts of power respectively, officially have the most powerful (and pain free) technology on the market. Most traditional laser hair removal devices have between 500 and 1000 watts of power, meaning Primelase and Elysion contain twice the power of leading high-quality lasers.

If you’re thinking that the technology, you’re used to is already painful enough, don’t be alarmed. Higher heat and higher power doesn’t have to mean having to have a higher pain threshold. Unlike other technologies, Primelase and Elysion have built in ‘Crystal Freeze’ technology to keep the surface of your skin a consistently chilled 5 degrees. This way your nerve endings are kept slightly protected from the increased heat so that extraordinarily fast results can be achieved with minimal discomfort. Never has ‘no pain, no gain’ been more of a thing of the past!


What does all this mean in practice? Super. Fast. Treatments.




With higher power, Primelase and Elysion can deliver each pulse of light faster and with each faster pulse the more heat is delivered to the hair and conducted down to the follicle. This means maximum, permanent results in just 6 sessions.


The high power also increases the treatment area or ‘spot’ size. Therefore, the area of skin treated with each pulse also becomes larger and so adds to the speed of laser hair removal treatments. Primelase and Elysion can treat full legs in just ten minutes for a single session in comparison to other devices that take 40-50 minutes per session. That’s nearly twice as fast as other leading laser systems…


What also comes with faster and more powerful treatments is a seriously effective treatment time. With shorter treatment times allows clinics offering Primelase and Elysion treatments to offer some seriously competitive prices, so you can get the best (and most comfortable) treatment at an affordable price.


Interested? We have over 20 locations throughout Ireland offering either Primelase and/or Elysion for treatment. Search for your nearest location now and enquire to book a free consultation. We can’t wait to see you.



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